Thursday, February 02, 2006

All Tools Cracking

Bruteforcing Programs:

*Accessdiver (AD) by Jean Fages

*Sentry by Sentinel:

Goldeneye by Madmax

*Form@ (specifically for FORM sites) by SSS -

httpbugger By Ken78x (specifically for form sites and httpS form sites)

Caecus by Sentinel (For form sites that require an OCR [])

Ares by Gamoaa -


AuthForce by Zachary P. Landau

Entry by Sparkleware

Xavior By LithiumSoft

Web Password Checker (WPC) .1 For UNIX by g1soft
available @

Munga Bunga's http Brute Forcer by Munga Bunga

Wordlist Tools:

*Raptor 3 by Madmax -

*Staph by Ashes -
available at under "downloads"

Words Extractor

Parsley by on_a_role_again

Lucifer by Rhino -

ALS_novice by Wolfman -

Combomania by Gamoaa:
available at under "downloads"

Z-leecher by Beda

S-Generator by Beda

S-WordlistTool by Beda

Proxy Tools:

*Proxyrama By Gaamoa -

*Charon by Rhino -

*Advanced Proxy Leecher (APL) by Sentinel-

Geowhere by Jean Fages (NOT-Freeware) -

Proxy List Filter -

AATools by Glocksoft

Proxy Checker by Hell Labs

Proxy Bag

S-Proxy Tool by Beda

Exploiting Tools:

*Triton (Scanner) by Rhino -

*CMX IV by Xtremnet -

CGI Scanner 4.0

CCBill Local Cgi Exploiter By Ksoze-

IBT2 by wolfman:

Hephaestus's Ashen Spear by Wolfman:

H-scanner by Carpetboy



Decrypting Tools:

*John The Ripper (JTR) -

MDcrack (MD5 Cracker) -

Passwords Pro (MD5/MD4/Pass Generator)

RainbowCrack Hash Cracker

Distributed John The Ripper by Luis Parravicini

Cain and Abel by Massimiliano Montoro

Salt Grinder by Wolfman

Log Tools:

LogRip by Rhino -

Azarius by Rhino -

Zimapass Parser by Sentinel:

*C-Parse (ccbill.log parser) by Sentinel:

CCBill USI (CCBILL log parser that removes all dead account PRIOR to decrypting)

Accessdiver/Ares Parser by Sentinel:


Zspoof by wolfman -

Sploof by Jean Fages -

Final Spoof

Spooph by nast0

D-Spoof And Others (Russian Site, English Prog)

MVSLite By Mentor

Mikho's Online Spoofer (web based spoofer, choose "open" when dialog appears)


Other Tools:

Scholar by Sentinel - (History checker)

Crackmate Gold by Xtremet (adultcheck gold pass verifier) -


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